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Farewell to Thuy Nguyen

Thuy has been a much loved and at the core of beauty therapy in Absolute Therapy. We wish her the very best going forward!


Thuy returned to Vietnam to celebrate the Chinese New Year with her family. Sadly while she was over there it became aparent that her family greatly need her assistance at this time.

Thuy has been an absolute ray of sunshine during her time at Absolute Therapy. She taught us a lot about Vietnam and her culture and we’ll miss her for her daring and determined nature sparkled with humor!  We understand completely that she feels torn between a life she has worked hard to build here in NZ and commitment to her family and support her in her descision entirely.


To Thuy’s Clients

Thuy wants to pass on her deepest apologies, she always wants to take the best care of all of her clients and wishes she could see you all in person.
She is working on a return trip through NZ to ‘tie up loose ends’ and help her loyal clients find new technicians but for now she is uncertain of what date that will be. In the long term we hope that she will return to NZ but for now our paths move in different directinos. We will be in touch to help coordinate this as best we can, as soon as we are more clear on the details.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any messages to pass on to Thuy, or if you wish to try and be seen by her when she comes through NZ on


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