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How does scar tissue release therapy work?


How scars are formed

Scars aren’t only what we can see on the skin’s surface. Scarring can go from the surface right through all the tissues and down to the bone. Scarring may also no be visible to the eye as well. Injury or movement/postural dysfunction can also cause scarring, although this is more commonly known as knots.
Basically anything your body perceives as a trauma will cause an inflammatory response leading to collagen fibres heading to the area to cause scarring. The fibres one in location will matt themselves together to cause a type of bandage. This is the body’s natural defense to protect an area by reducing movement. Normally a handy function when an injury occurs such as a sprained ankle or post surgery, but long term effects can be detrimental to quality of life.

Possible effects from scarring

The scarring that has been laid down can then sit in an area long after recovery has finished which can maintain a decreased level of movement. This matting of collagen fibres have also been shown to compress blood vessels leading to poor vascularisation of an area, or hot or cold sensations in the area. It can also cause compression of nervous fibres which can lead to sensations in and around the area such as numbness, tingling, burning, pain or overall irritation.

These symptoms can cause a drop in quality of life if they effect the way you’re able to perform daily tasks such as hanging out washing, getting dressed or heavy lifting. Other noticeable effects may be loss of sleep due to sensations felt. Pain and sleeplessness can cause irritability or a short temper at times, this can not only have an isolating effect on the person suffering the symptoms, but may also negatively affect the people around


Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) technique is a very non invasive, light but effective treatment.

It uses small adjustments in the area in a range of directions to help open the scar tissue and release the surrounding tissue that might be affected.

Each scar is only worked for 7 to 15 minutes dependant on size and quality of the scar, with very light non painful movements. The idea behind this is to create space within the scar without causing an inflammatory response, thus reducing the likelihood that more collagen fibres will head to the area and cause more scarring.

This technique has been shown to have immediate effects after just one session, and has been seen to have a complete reduction in symptoms after 4 or 5 session. Of course it’s different from person to person and an individual may require more or less treatments. The plus side is, with being short procedures, you can book in 15 minute slots for MSTR to help save on money and time.

So far in our clinic we have seen fantastic results with MSTR.

One client we have is a mother of 2 who has 2x cesarean section scars, an appendectomy scar and a hysterectomy scar all on top of each other. This client was experiencing chronic low back pain as the scarring was pulling anteriorly on the spine. Constant episodes of either diarrhea or constipation, and a grapefruit sized area of burning pain in the appendix region.

She had been suffering with these symptoms for the past 8 years and longer and has spent thousands on massage, acupuncture, visceral manipulation, cupping, physio, nutritionists and a range of other complementary therapies, as well as being on daily pain medication with no lasting effects.


As you can imagine this client was quite frustrated by this but had come into the mind-frame that this would be a lifetime thing that she would have to continue being treated for. This client noticed immediate change after just one session, and by the time we had reached her 5th appointment all of the symptoms she has been experiencing for years have completely dissipated. In fact she was so happy she stopped in on her 6th week (with no appointment) just to tell us that she has maintained relief and that she was ecstatic to the point of tears that she would no longer have to spend money trying to sort out these pathologies.

5-6 months later and the progress has still been maintained with no additional treatments of MSTR showing just how effective this treatment has

Other things we’ve seen through this work at Absolute Therapy

We’ve seen great change with people suffering from plantar fasciopathy, seeing results after 2 or 3 sessions with maintained effectiveness. Frozen shoulder has also shown to have improvement from MSTR. After just one session, one client with no ability to externally rotate at the shoulder achieved 45 degrees of movement in that direction after just one treatment. The visual and physiological impacts of dowagers humps have also shown to be reduced from the technique.

As stated earlier, scar tissue isn’t only what we can see but may be deep within the body, and not caused by surgery or an invasive trauma. If you have “knots”, limitations with movement or visible scars causing discomfort then book yourself in for an initial consultation to see how MSTR may be able to help you.


Our Specialists


Scott Barrett


RMT (Level 7). Bachelors Degree in Health Studies & Neuromuscular Therapy (Level 7). Dip Clinical Therapeutic Massage (Level 6). Dip. Wellness & Relaxation Massage (Level 5).

Certified MSTR practitioner.


Courtney Yee


RMT (Level 6) Dip. Wellness & Relaxation Massage (Level 5). Dip Clinical Therapeutic Massage (Level 6).

Certified MSTR practitioner.


Chris Coleman


RMT (Level 6) Dip. Wellness & Relaxation Massage (Level 5). Dip Clinical Therapeutic Massage (Level 6).

Certified MSTR practitioner.


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