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Enjoy an introduction to Davide, his experience and qualifications, focusing on his expertise in the field of the McKenzie method and what sets it apart as a mode of diagnosis and treatment.

Davide will explore:

The main causes of back pain

How the spine works (movement wise)

The concepts of McKenzie Method

What I do (live demonstrations)

How people can benefit from my help

If you’re affected by an injury, disability or health condition, Physiotherapy works to restore movement and function using proven methods and techniques. With their knowledge of how the human body works, they can also help you reduce your medication, avoid surgery, manage pain and reduce the risk of injuries.

McKenzie method is globally recognized as a leading treatment for back, neck and extremities disorders. The McKenzie based Physiotherapy sessions we offer are longer than some others in town but makes the most out of your time. Sports or Kinesio Taping come at NO extra cost and we have a range of equipment you can purchase for home use.

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