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As we come into the cooler Winter months, now is the perfect time to have a series of facial peels.

So what exactly are facial peels and how do they work? Let me explain…

At Absolute Therapy we  LOVE  our Sabore natural facial peels and the results you can get are amazing. After continued treatments, you will notice improved skin texture, a brightened complexion & a reduction of pigmentation. 

Peels work by removing the outer layers of thickened or damaged skin, revealing noticeably smoother, healthier and hydrated skin. Because we are removing our skin’s natural protective barrier it leaves the skin vulnerable to sun damage which can lead to further pigmentation and premature agingTherefore, it is best to do peels in the cooler month as we tend to be more covered up and less likely to be exposed to the elements for hours on end. 

When you have a peel, it helps fast track cell turnover in the skin. 

Naturally our cells turnover every 30-40 days after your teens and once you hit 50 it’s every 45-90 days. When you have a course of peels close together the cell renewal process works overtime. When we put a peel on the skin, it is breaking down our skin’s natural protective barrier and is speeding up the skin’s natural exfoliation pattern. This mild trauma puts the brain into panic mode so it sends messages to the bottom of the epidermis to make new cells  to replace the ones that have gone, and when we do another peel before the cell turnover goes back to normal the brain has another freak-out and send the message again for faster cell turnover.  Thus, having a series of peel treatments will improve your skins elasticity & collagen production.




Each package comes with a product bundle that includes a cleanser and moisturiser, skin saviour serum and sun screen


Renew/ freshen up/ tone & texture. Option 1

Week 1 – 15% Fruit Acid Peel 

Week 3 – 35% Fruit Acid Peel 

Week 5 – 35 % Fruit Acid Peel or 50 % 

Week 7 – 50% Fruit Acid Peel or Kojic  $249


Renew/ freshen up/ tone & texture. Option 2

Week 1 – Pumpkin Peel 

Week 3 – 15% Fruit Acid Peel 

Week 5 – 35% Fruit Acid Peel 

Week 7– 50% Fruit Acid Peel or Kojic $249


Lightening treatment package

Week 1 – 15% Fruit Acid  

Week 3 – 35 % Fruit Acid 

Week 5  – 35 % Fruit Acid 

Week 7 – 40 % Kojic Peel 

Week 9 – 40 % Kojic Peel 

Week 11 – 40% Kojic Peel  $399 


Payments accepted

Cash, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, Bartercard. (Online transfer by arrangement only.)


Who Can have a peel ? 

Pretty much anyone can. If you’re looking to improve the texture and appearance of your skin due to damage from aging, the sun, acne, acne scarring, or dark spots from pregnancy a peel is definitely work a look. It’s also important to note that depending on your skin’s condition the kind of peel you can have will vary. For example, if you have never had a peel before you wouldn’t go straight for a Jessner. However, that’s not to say you would never be able to have one. If you goal was to reduce scaring or pigmentation it would be something you build up to with prober homecare and a course of peels.  

Can I just have 1 peel? 

Yes, you can BUT you won’t get results. Having just one peel is basically the same as having a deep exfoliation, your skin will feel great, look brighter and smoother but you will not achieve the right level of cell turn over required to make a difference to the skin. The best way to get result is to have 4-6 peels 2 weeks apart and then depending on your results you could have them once a month or most people won’t need another course until the following year. 

What kind of peels are there? 

There are many different peels around and not all peels are suited to everyone or can be used as a first time peel. The gentlest peels are the enzyme peels which anyone can have all year round, and the strongest is the jessner with this peel the skin does look red, dry and flakes off after a week or so. 

Sabore lightening peel 40%


Facial peels we offer:

Our peels are free of chemicals such as -Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Parabens & Artificial Fragrances 

  • Sabore Enzyme Peels – well tolerated by all skin types

Enzyme peels are the gentlest form of peel treatments and are suitable for all skin types, including Sensitive, Couperose and Rosacea type skins, as well as skins prone to inflammations and allergic reactions.  They are also suitable for clients with telangiectasias and vascularity spots, because it affects the skin’s surface gently and incorporates no abrasive particles.  There is also no associated risk of aging caused by inflammatory response as can occur with stronger Acid Peels.  The Enzyme Peel will very gently break down the Horny Layer to remove dead cells resulting in the skin being smoother, polished, with an improved texture and with an even skin tone, leaving the skin looking fresher, younger, radiant and healthy.    

Enzyme peels are an express peel and require no recovery period and does not cause skin flaking or hyperaemia.  Excellent for young skins, as they help to cleanse, moisturise, and protect.  In the case of mature atrophic skin, treatments stimulate cellular renewal and regeneration, increase Collagen and Elastin production to improve skin firmness, texture, and tone, as well as gently combating hyperpigmentation and acne. Enzyme Peels have immediate visible results that will be apparent after the first treatment and improvement will continue with further Peel Treatments. Enzyme Peels can be performed all year round.   

  • Sabore Fruit Acid Peel – A results-driven formula with active ingredients to lighten & brighten the skin while giving extra hydration

Using a combination of Lactic, Glycolic and Pyruvic acid, these peels are great for hydrating & brightening dull dry skins by increasing cellular turnover and promoting collagen and elastin production. Lactic Acid stimulates cell turnover and cell renewal at a higher rate than Glycolic Acid and with less irritation, yet Glycolic Acid, which is a smaller molecule than Lactic Acid, penetrates the skin more readily than Lactic Acid.  Unlike Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid has added benefits: it hydrates the skin, increases Natural Ceramides (Barrier Lipids) in the Epidermis and whitens the skin when used at concentrations greater than 5%.  With a good combination of both you get the quicker/deeper penetration of Glycolic yet the many above-mentioned benefits of Lactic.  

Pyruvic acid helps inhibit the formation of comedones and blemishes that form when oil and skin cells become trapped in the pores and possess the ability to combine with or dissolve in lipids. 

  • Sabore Kojic Peel – one of the most popular this season  

Kojic Acid Peel is generally safe for most skin types and particularly effective for normal to dry, hyper pigmented, sun-damaged, dull and uneven skin.  Kojic is extremely effective for Pigmentation, Melasma, Hyper Pigmentation as it reduces melanin production by interrupting Tyrosinase activity. Benefits include improved skin tone, texture and clarity, reduction of acne, clogged pores, wrinkles, fine lines, melasma and hyper pigmentation.  Increase in Collagen and Elastin production.    

We recommend to start clients who are new to peels at a lower percentage of Saboré Fruit Acid Peel (15%) and progress to the Kojic. After continued treatments, you will notice improved skin texture, a brightened complexion & a reduction of pigmentation. 



Our Specialists


Monica Sun

National & Internationally Qualified Beauty Therapist: National Dip. Beauty Therapy ’12. CEDISCO Dip. ‘12


Lida Nge


Student of Diploma in Beauty Therapy (Level 5, Elite ) Cert Beauty Therapy (Level 4, Elite) ’18.


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