Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

This Japanese based modality revolves around a full body approach.

Shiatsu  can be translated to “finger pressure” also referred to as acupressure. Shiatsu as a deeply relaxing practice combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese traditional massage techniques, and modern anatomy & physiology. The desired outcome is to restore your overall sense of wellbeing, ease, connectivity, and improved flow of blood, lymph, digestion, and Qi. This is done by clearing blockages in the meridian system to rebalance. These results can be effectively achieved and traditionally done working over the recipients clothing.
 Qi (CHEE) or “Ki” in Japanese is the life force energy which flows through the body’s intricate system of channels known as the meridian system. Qi is the central principal in TCM and Chinese martial arts. The Chinese symbol for Qi is literally translated as “vapor, air, or breath”. Conceptually Qi is observed as material energy our body utilizes for all our vital functions. We absorb Qi through our breath and the food we eat. Our body’s intricate and highly adaptive meridian system is governed and expressed by our organs. Our overall health is directly effected by the efficiency and flow of our meridian system. Other influencing aspects of our meridian systems or quality of Qi we absorb is our emotional state and environment. When out of balance we experience stagnation, much like a blockage in an irrigation system. There will be build up or excess near the blockage and depletion below the blockage.


Shiatsu Massage (75 mins)
Shiatsu Massage (90 mins)
Shiatsu Massage (120 mins)

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This rhythmically soothing massage involves application of concise acupressure combined coordinated breathing, and stretches for the meridian system. Pressure is applied using fingers, palms, and elbows. In some practices treatment is fine with the use of the practitioners bare feet. (Foot pressure is not used here at Absolute Therapy). The Shiatsu practitioner follows a traditional kata, or sequence, that strategically treats along the mapped meridian system and major acupressure points. This sequence can be arranged to focus on the ares of your priority. Blockages in the meridian system are observed as areas of excessive Qi or depleted Qi. The practitioner has a trained sensitivity to the signs of these blockages. Through the Shiatsu massage blockages of depletion will be stimulated for activation and areas of excess will be calmed for a release.

Shiatsu is revered for is systematic effects on the body. For this reason follow up care is crucial. Detox symptoms are common. Many recipients have a immediate need to use the toilet after a treatment. This massage will get things moving. We encourage attentive  self care ( such as hydrating, walking, and rest) for at least the following 24hrs of treatment as your body recalibrates it’s natural rhythms.


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