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Maisie Jane

Summer 2016

Artist: Maisie Jane

Jade Ell

Spring 2016

Artist Jade Ell

This series is based on photos I took of my son on our visits to a farm in Horokiwi. I used ink pen and watercolour pencils on rice paper. 

These drawings inspired an idea for a children's book. You can see some of the illustrations for the book on my website

Light Art FX

Summer 2015 & Autumn 2016

Artist: Cesar Koene

Bodart Productions

Spring 2015

Artist: Bodhi Vincent.

Installation: Wallpaper for the soul


Capture Photography

Winter 2015 Artist: Jeff McEwan

Margaret-Mary Farr

Autumn 2015 Artist: Margaret-Mary Farr

Sandy Connon, 120 Random Acts of Kindness

Summer 2014 Artist: Sandy Connon Installation: 120 Random Acts of Kindness