Therapeutic & Sports Massage

Most of our clients would agree that massage is an essential for stress management, rehabilitation or regular body maintenance and shouldn't be viewed as "just a treat" although there's not much else that makes for such a personalised gift!

All our massages include a consultation that doesn't come out of your table time. This gives us the chance to discuss your goals for the session, to select methods or techniques and plan a treatment specific to your needs at the time. We can also offer post care advice at the end of your session to help you continue the benefits of your massage for as long as possible

Therapeutic/Remedial Massage

All Massage is 'therapeutic' but 'therapeutic massage' commonly refers to deep tissue or remedial massage.

These treatments may include the use of trigger point, muscle energy, positional release, mobilization, myofascial techniques and more, to engage other tissues in the body that may be adhered other than muscles. This can allow more focused freedom of restricted areas and promotion of the healing process towards specific places like injuries.

The massage is conducted within your comfort zone but may bring the intensity level to the edge which could require a bit more communication with you but even with our most intense therapeutic massage we incorporate relaxation techniques to soothe and leave you feeling like you just had a really “good” massage.

Therapeutic Massage is useful as a tool in the rehabilitation of more serious injuries such as frozen shoulders, slipped discs and Occupational Overuse Syndromes.

Please Note: It is common during your first Therapeutic Massage for your Therapist to spend some extra time going through basic movement tests to help focus and refine your treatment. This may take up to 20 mins of your Table time.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage is Therapeutic Massage applied to sports people using a variety of techniques depending on your needs and training phase.

Sports Massage can be an essential part of a training schedule whether you're a professional or weekend athlete by helping to maintain optimal muscle health, increasing flexibility, reducing workout, event or injury recovery times or as a warm up/down tool at specific events.


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