Absolute Art Space

Maisie Jane

Summer 2016

Artist: Maisie Jane

Born and raised on the Kapit coast; I've always been quite an artistic person. In May 2016, I began a six month course at The Learning Connexion to escape the busy coffee world of Lambton quay, but also as a way to take a step back from that bustling life and to concentrate on self development.

I took classes in print making; focussing on woodcut printing, dry point etching and screen printing. This ignited a passion within me that took me by surprise. I did almost nothing else for the duration of my course. I have an affection for animals and the natural world which shows through in my prints. I have since finished that particular course and, not wanting to rejoin the coffee industry, returned to The Learning Connexion where I am currently concentrating on jewelry making.

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