Summer newsletter sign-up, $100 Gift Certificate winner.


At the beginning of each season we draw the name of one person who has signed up to our Newsletter in the previous season.

They win a Gift Certificate valid towards any Service or Product at Absolute Therapy.

The Winner from the Summer 2017 Newsletter Sign-up period is: Lauren Chalmers

Congratulations Lauren from the whole Team at Absolute Therapy!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Physiotherapy and the McKenzie method


Enjoy an introduction to Davide, his experience and qualifications, focusing on his expertise in the field of the McKenzie method and what sets it apart as a mode of diagnosis and treatment.

Davide will explore:

  1. The main causes of back pain 

  2. How the spine works (movement wise)

  3. The concepts of McKenzie Method

  4. What I do (live demonstrations)

  5. How people can benefit from my help

If you're affected by an injury, disability or health condition, Physiotherapy works to restore movement and function using proven methods and techniques. With their knowledge of how the human body works, they can also help you reduce your medication, avoid surgery, manage pain and reduce the risk of injuries.

McKenzie method is globally recognized as a leading treatment for back, neck and extremities disorders. The McKenzie based Physiotherapy sessions we offer are longer than some others in town but makes the most out of your time. Sports or Kinesio Taping come at NO extra cost and we have a range of equipment you can purchase for home use.

Everyday Heroes Announced


We are overwhelmed at the selflessness and community spirit shown by YOUR Everyday Heroes.

Here is a list of recipients and what they did. They will each recieve a free service provided by one of the Therapist's here at Absolute Therapy who are donating their time to say thanks to them for helping you when it mattered.

Bryce McClure was nominated for arringing delivery of 200 emergency rainwater tanks to be distributed around Karori after himself just comingout of hospital! 

Olga Smith was nominated for arranging a neighbourhood morning tea for people to debrief and process their experience the day after the earthquake

Kamini Hermon was nominated for taking in 3 people who weren't happy to return to their flat for 3 nights and made sure they were all sheltered, watered and fed.

Mojo & St James crew were nominated for providing Dragonfly restaurant a space to operate a pop-up restaurant while they weren't allowed access to their business for several months. Four of their staff who were instrumental in organising this will be enjoying our services sooner than later!