Tory Street Closure


Sadly our section of Tory Street has been temporarily closed off due to concerns about the car parking building over the road.

Our building remains safe however we will have to reschedule all our clients over the next two days until we have more information about when we can start going about business as usual.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon!
The team at Absolute Thearpy 


Read the news article here

Earthquake Update


Dear customers

For peace of mind let me start by telling everyone that our building is strengthened to 100% of the building code and although we sway around in the aftershocks there is no damage to report. We have engineers reports available on request for anyone wishing to settle their nerves further.

We had a bit of a mess on the floors with some products falling off the shelves but there appears to be no real damage.
Every item out of place has been photographed and we will be reviewing items that were out of place and securing them or finding an alternative means to display or store them. I am grateful for the opportunity to improve our safety measures and feel these are the realistic precautions needed for anyone choosing to work or reside in Wellington and indeed many other parts of New Zealand.

For those of you whose nerves are on edge for days after these events, we have several services that might be of interest to you including Massage, Acupuncture, Counselling and Consultations, Hypnotherapy or Homeopathy.


Paying it forward


Sometimes you meet ordinary people doing extroadinary things.

Today's recipient of a 30min Massage voucher from our "Pay it forward" scheme is a woman who is fighting for her son. She is trying to keep him from gangs and the influences that go with them by stepping right out of her comfort zone to confront the people involved in a way that only a mothers love would push you to do.

She may or may not be successful. To me, when you hear people in the community saying "where's the whanau?" "The family really ought to do more" "It's the families responsibility" and so on, it's easy to agree. However, if you're on the whanau end of the problem it can be overwhelming and confusing on the 'what to do' 'how to help' aspect, especially if the person you're trying to help might be continuously lying or stealing and pushing away all forms of love and help that come their way. These situations can sometimes drag on for years to a point where some people have pushed away all family left who are willing to step in and help.  Today, we support a woman who hasn't given up, a woman whose partner lost a job rescuing her son, a woman who has no place in a gang house speaking up for her son. We hope that we are able to help lift some of the wieght from her shoulders and make life just a little easier to cope with, even if just for a day. Kia Kaha and good luck!

If you or someone you know are in a similar situation you may wish to book a counselling session with Mandy Down who specialises in 1 - 2 sessions for people who just need to unload. You are not alone out there and talking helps.

Alternatively if you or someone you know are in crisis you can visit the Lifeline website or call their 24/7 helpline on 0800 543 354