Spring newsletter sign-up, $100 Gift Certificate winner.


At the beginning of each season we draw the name of one person who has signed up to our Newsletter in the previous season.

They win a Gift Certificate valid towards any Service or Product at Absolute Therapy.

The Winner from the Spring 2016 Newsletter Sign-up period is: Michele Courage

Congratulations Michele from the whole Team at Absolute Therapy!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Everyday Heroes


Nominate an ‘everyday hero’ who helped you after the earthquake for free services at Absolute Therapy by Tuesday 31st January 2017, we have 20 hours of time across our full range of services to give away! 

We are running a competition over the next two months where you can submit a nomination either via the contact form on our website or by posting to our Facebook timeline, of someone who helped you in any small or significant way in the last week, to receive a free service from the list below. We will fill our time with people whose stories inspire us and we’re so excited to do this! 

The story…
After the earthquake on Nov 14th our building had no structural damage and I was relieved I’d chosen to set up shop in a building that has been strengthened to 100% of the building code. After being back at work for 4 days the council had to close our section of Tory Street to carry out urgent damage assessment of the parking building over the road. We ended up only losing one day of business but something as simple as having to suddenly close and not knowing when we might reopen sent my head spinning! As a proactive business owner my business continuity plans were in place, but when push came to shove they weren’t as robust as I’d thought and wouldn’t have helped me much if I had had to relocate under these circumstances. That reality really bites! 

Like going to a funeral and rediscovering a passion for life, when me and the people who rely on me were about to stare hardship directly in the face and would’ve had to put our hands out for help, the instant I heard the news that our footpath had been reopened my thoughts became those of gratitude at not having lost anyone or my assets and for the opportunity to continue working. Suddenly I became overwhelmingly compelled to give back because I don’t think we should rely on any group or charismatic leaders to wave a magic wand and help the community get through in particularly rough times. We get through ourselves and I’ve already heard lots of stories of Wellingtonians pulling together selflessly. 

So how does my business do that when there’s larger scaled disaster? I spoke to my crew and we are each offering 2 hours of our time for free on Tuesday 6th of December. If there is a good response we could even look to run this again next year and if the worst does happen in Wellington, we will have had a go at giving back and it should be easier to organise a second time around. 

Services we’re offering:

  • Beauty Therapy: Facials, Manicures/Pedicures, Tinting
  • Health & Wellness: Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Coaching with NLP, Homeopathy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Relaxation or Remedial Massage, Personal & Professional Consultations.
  • Sports & Rehabilitation: Dry Needling, Physiotherapy, Counselling & Consultations, Sports & Kinesiotaping.

Open for business


WCC have opened up our footpath meaning we're open for business as usual as of Saturday 19th November!

Our building remains unaffected by the quake and is strengthened to 100% of the building code. 
Today's closure (Friday 18th) was a safety precaution taken by the council while they investigated the damage to the Wilson's car park 

over the road. We are SO glad to be able to return tomorrow morning in time to provide you with all your weekend pampering and health needs.