Yoga means different things to different people, come and find out about traditional yoga from our resident specialist. (Appointments by request)

It can be intimidating visiting a class where everyone seems to know what they're doing but you just feel like a potato with arms... Our private sessions are designed to help you become familiar with some of the common yoga poses, or for the more experienced yoga enthusiast to refine their techniques and practise. We can cater for up to two people at a time so book with a friend!

Yoga Introduction (60mins)

This is your chance to ask all the questions you have or to share all that you know about Yoga. From here Vijay will begin to form a plan with you in accordance with the goals you set. He will introduce you to some theory about the development of yoga and the different components commonly encorporated in everyday practise such as breathing techniques and meditation.

Yoga Introduction with a friend (60mins)

Bring a friend and enjoy this journey together!

Yoga Tutoring (60mins)

When you and Vijay have determined where your at with your understanding of Yoga, you will begin to develop your practise together. Enjoy one on one attention knowing you will not be left behind by rapid instructions and you will have an impecably trained eye observing and correcting your technique. Move at your own pace and set your own challenges.

Yoga Tutoring with a friend (60mins)

Everything is better with a friend!

Yoga Introduction
Yoga Introduction with a friend
Yoga Tutoring
Yoga Tutoring with a friend
Buy 5 Yoga Tutoring sessions get 1 free!
Payments accepted
Cash, Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa, Bartercard, Online transfer - only accepted if payment received prior to your treatment. (Prices in brackets are promotional therapists’ rates).